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The Pick 6 in horse racing is the "Grand Daddy" of all bets. It is extremely hard to pull off, but if you do, the payout can be phenomenal.

The bet itself requires a player to select the winner of 6 horse races in a row. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, as the bet requires a good amount of skill or luck to accomplish. I always say "I would rather be lucky than good any day", as you are going to need a tremendous amount of luck to pull off the bet.

The odds are against you from the start, as the combinations can routinely run into the high hundred thousand or even into the millions, depending on the field sizes.

The good news is that there is always a consolation payout if your are able to match 5 of the 6 winners. So that means if you get at least 5 you will at least get some money back. This is very important to Pick 6 players, as you are going to get 5 quite a bit more than 6. So at least getting your bet back or a small profit is really nice.

The Pick 6 was made famous in California, at tracks like Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar. California has some of the largest betting pools in the Country which allows it to build large Pick 6 pools.

What is a Pick 6 carryover?
A carryover simply means that money is carried over from a previous day and added to the next Pick 6 pool. A carryover is caused when no winning tickets pick 6. So if there is no one that picks 6 on a given day, after paying money for consolations, the remaining money will carryover to the next race day. This is what generates the really large pick 6 pools.

What is a mandatory pick 6 payout?
After a certain amount of carryover's or the last day of a race meet there may be what is called a mandatory payout. These are usually highly publicized by tracks as they bring out the really big bettors. On a mandatory pick 6 payout day, the bet must payoff , this means if there are no actually winners of the pick 6, then the closest ticket holder wins or shares the prize pool.

Pick 6 Strategies
People have been trying to figure out how to beat the pick 6 for years, with limited success. The good news is that you will only have to hit one really big ticket, then you could theoretically retire with your winnings.

As playing the pick 6 can get expensive, fast. The most common method of playing the pick 6 is to key one or more horses on your ticket. Keying a horse means that you try to find the best horse in one or more legs of the pick 6 and go with that horse as a single in the race.

An example of a pick 6 ticket might look like this Race #1 4-5-8-9 / Race #2 5 / Race #3 1-3-4 / Race #4 9 / Race #5 4-6-7 / Race #6 2-8. This bet would be keying horse #5 in Race 2 and horse #9 in race 4. Then we used multiple horses in the other legs of the pick 6. This ticket would cost $144 for a $2 wager which is normally the minimum for playing the Pick 6.

How much can I Win?
There are many variables in the payouts of a pick 6, including betting pool size, amount of winning tickets, etc. For some of the largest pick 6 payouts in history click here.

New Pick 6 Bets (like the Rainbow 6 @Gulfstreampark and black gold 6 @louisiandowns)
A new popular type of pick 6 bet requires you to not only pick the 6 winners, but to have the only winning ticket to collect the jackpot.

This lottery style bet has been sweeping the country because it is routinely making instant millionaires when someone wins.

The nice thing is that you can play combinations in these pick 6 bets for cheap, the minimum wager is around 10 or 20 cents per wager and you want to wager the minimum, as you have to hold the only winning combination to collect.

Remember, this is not a conventional pick 6 wager, to collect the jackpot you have to have the only winning pick 6 combination, otherwise a good chunk is carried over to the next wagering day.

The bet has drawn praise by some and criticism by others, as a bet like this is sure to inspire cheaters to try harder when there is so much at stake.

However, big payouts like this is what the sport needs, to bring in lottery players who dream of winning big, for cheap. By Kerry Zangara