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The pick 6 in football is one of the most exciting plays in the game. It is an interception for a touchdown return. The defensive player pads his stats and scores with what is known as a "pick 6".

This is because he picked the ball and scored, a touchdown is worth 6 points in American Football. With the P.A.T (point after attempt) kicking the ball through the uprights gives you another point, making it 7 in total, if the kick is good.

Meanwhile, the quarterback is penalized with a negative stat for throwing an interception. Sometimes to add to the excitement of the play, the quarterback becomes the last line of defense trying to stop the player from scoring.

Was James Harrison's pick 6 the greatest interception of all time?
Hands down in my opinion, one, if not thee, greatest pick 6 play in the history of the NFL. Read the play perfectly, and then dodged multiple cards players before making it to paydirt.

A 100 yard interception to end the half, what a way to break your opponents back. Absolutely incredible. I have watched the replay many times and it still amazes me. What an incredible player.
Darren Sharper Scores 10th Pick-6; Best Interception Returner Ever?
Sunday's touchdown was the Many argue that Darren Sharper is the best interception returner in the history of the NFL. Sharper has 10 pick-sixes in his career and the second most interception return touchdowns in NFL history. Some pretty amazing stats, for a truly talented player. The NFL record book for interception return touchdowns now looks like this:

12-Rod Woodson
10-Darren Sharper
9-Deion Sanders
9-Aeneas Williams
9-Ken Houston

Pick 6's thrown by quarterbacks
Passers in 1960s a little more gunsligny than current passers. Namath had some really bad games with pick 6s. 1967 tie with Oilers he throw 2- one to Houston and one to Farr. 1968 vs Buff he throw 3 pick 6s- one to Janik (100 yard)), one to Byrd, one to edgerson. Buff beat jets 37-35.

Other QB's  who threw 3 pick six in one game-
J. Hadl, 12/19./71, chargers 33, Oilers 49
two pick 6s to Houston and 1 to atkins Ed Baker (crap qb), 12/17/72, bengals 61, oilers 17
Parrish two and Craig with other E. Maning, 11/25/07, viks 41, NY 17 sharper, smith, gerenway with pik 6s. List might be whole. Not sure. Can say at least 4 guys had happen to them- namath, had, baker, manning but maybe some others.

Seattle beat KC 45-0 one time and had 4 int return TDs in game but think was spread around by all the KC quarterbacks.

If you look at the A/P6 (attempts per pick six, to be understood as "Every X throws, there's one pick six"), its a little more interesting. The average is 307.37 and the standard deviation is 102.37.

In order from worst to best, some selections:
1. Frank Tripucka: 111.86
2. Joe Kapp: 122.40
3. Gary Hogeboom: 138.02
4. Joe Namath: 145.81
14. Joey Harrington: 185.26
16. Ben Roethlisberger: 200.92
17. Tim Couch: 201.67
22. George Blanda: 221.32
23. Ken Stabler: 223.12
28. Sammy Baugh: 228.63
29. Kurt Warner: 232.57
44. Carson Palmer: 276.95
46. Dan Marino: 283.32
47. Jon Kitna: 283.72
61. Brett Favre: 303.75
62. Johnny Unitas: 305.06
75. Jeff George: 339.06
87. John Elway: 381.58
88. Peyton Manning: 384.18
95. Rich Gannon: 416.44
106. Fran Tarkenton: 486.24
107. Ken Anderson: 514.37
108. Donovan McNabb: 539.32
109. Matt Hasselbeck: 547.86
110. Tom Brady: 577.81
111. Joe Montana: 626.86